FF2012: Warmups and Workshops

Warm-ups and workshops to keep you in shape, growing, and sane. All programs subject to change.

Warm-ups for the 21st Century Flutist: Use your voice and your flute’s harmonics to wake up the ear, to center resonance, and get your best sound flowing

The Scale Game: For flutists with little time, this Scale Game focuses on air usage, articulation, vibrato, and rhythms with attention to phrasing. In this participatory workshop, Patricia George, the editor of Flute Talk, offers new ideas about practicing the Tone Color Scales (The Flute Scale Book) or Taffanel & Gaubert No. 4. She includes bowing ideas and how they translate into intelligent movement.

Let’s Play Marais: Marin Marais’s Les Folies d’Espagne for flute alone is an all-in-one playground to explore tone, technique, and phrasing for all players. Bring your piccolo, flute, or harmony flute to this hands-on workshop, where Alicia “Lish” Lindsey will explore effective and efficient ways for you to find your voice through Marais’s music, sixteen measures at a time.

Yoga for MusiciansRachel Rudich leads this class, open to all who are interested: any age, size and experience: beginners, newcomers to yoga, yoga curious, as well as experienced yogis. Participants will practice simple stretches, strengthening, breathing and meditation, and Rudich will provide guidance on how to avoid and rehabilitate injuries common with musicians, especially to hands, wrists and forearms, neck, and back.

Using Your Identity to Create a Relevant Voice in MusicAdam Sadberry, acting principal flutist of the Memphis Symphony, answers questions about intertwining music and activism through looking inward at the self, outward toward the world, and through the structures of society.

24 Melodic WarmupsDaniel Dorff and Joan Sparks teach a masterclass that uses flute repertoire to help flutists start their day. The masterclass format will allow flutists to get the most out of these varied melodic and technical exercises.

AI Accompanist AppsHelen Park, a faculty member at the Long Island Conservatory, Grace Music School, and Music Academy of Long Island, compares three AI (artificial intelligence) accompanist applications (Cadenza Live, MyPianist, and Metronaut). She shows flutists how to use these apps to prepare for professional settings (auditions, juries, concerts) and makes suggestions for the future development in programming the score following technology to solve existing shortcomings.

Aleatoric Adventure: Telemann Fantasias: It’s the twelve most famous fantasies for flute as you’ve never heard them before! Join Wisconsin Philharmonic flutist Anna Fisher-Roberts for an innovative, interactive performance of Telemann’s Twelve Fantasias for solo flute where you are in control of the concert.

Self-marketing Strategies for FlutistsChristine Beard, flute professor at the University of Nebraska, Omaha, presents an informative session on steps you can take—whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro—to help advance (and sustain) your career. She covers important marketing and promotion topics including branding, artist image, creating publicity materials, writing bios and resumes, building dynamic websites, and using social media effectively. Volunteers may submit sample bios and resumes to be used as examples in the class to receive a “makeover.”



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