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For more information, please contact one of the officers or coordinators listed below. For topics not listed, please write to the webmaster. To contact us by postal mail, please write to the appropriate person at the following address:
     c/o The New York Flute Club
     Park West Finance Station
     P.O. Box 20613
     New York, NY 10025-1515

Nancy Toff, Archivist

   New York Flute Club Competition
   Kaoru Hinata, Coordinator

Young Musicians Contest
   Caroline Sonett-Assor, Coordinator

Concert & Program Proposals
Nancy Toff

Contributions & Other Financial Matters
Rie Schmidt, Treasurer


Corporate Sponsors
Fred Marcusa, Liaison

Education & Enrichment
Amy Appleton, Chair

Ensemble Program
Denise Koncelik, Co-director
Mark Vickers, Co-director

David Wechsler, Chair

Flute Fair
Deirdre McArdle


Membership, Dues, Change of Address
Katherine Saenger, Membership Secretary

Katherine Saenger, Editor

Diane Couzens, Coordinator

Social Media
Jessica Yang, Social Media Chair

Katherine Saenger, Web Manager