Henry Brant: Music for Massed Flutes (CD)

Henry Brant: Music for Massed Flutes (CD)

(New World CD 80636-2)

The long and illustrious career of American composer Henry Brant can be framed with the music he has written for the flute. The Pulitzer Prize–winning composer's three epic works for multiple flutes do not fit into any standard category of instrumentation or form; rather, they span the creative life of a man who for all of his life has been referred to as a "maverick," a "pioneer," an "experimentalist," and, since the 1950s, the "world's leading composer of 'spatial' music," in which the placement of the musicians around the performance space is as important a compositional element as the timbre, time, or pitch. It is with the development of his use of space as an intrinsic part of his musical vocabulary that Brant established himself as a major figure in American music of the 20th century.

—From the liner notes by Paul Taub. Complete liner notes are available on the New World Records website.

Ghosts and Gargoyles (2001)
for solo flute and orchestra of 3 piccolos, 5 flutes, and 2 alto flutes
Robert Aitken, soloist and conductor

Kathleen Nester and Svjetlana Kabalin, piccolos
Bart Feller and Paul Taub, flutes
Stefani Starin and Sue Ann Kahn, flutes
Dianne Aitken and Patti Monson, bass flutes
Jeffrey Kraus, drum set
Donato Cabrera, assistant conductor

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