FF 2021: Lectures and Lecture-Recitals

Events are listed below. All programs subject to change.

Vibrant Possibilities: Flutist Hillary Abigana and The Fourth Wall, a hybrid arts ensemble, bring their world of online performance to your homes through a demonstration of the award-winning show Fruit Flies Like a Banana: Virtual Style. Abigana will explain how the digital realm provides opportunities, not limitations, creating immersive and site-specific performances that thrive in the virtual world. The performance will be followed by a lecture discussing everything from the tech aspects of microphones and Zoom spotlights to the unexpected advantages of the online medium.

The Telemann Fantasias: A Conversation on Performance Practice: Leonard Garrison, professor of flute at the University of Idaho, surveys the many editions and recordings of Telemann's 12 Fantasias and related performance practice issues, including ornamentation, tempo, articulation, and phrasing.

Music Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Current StatusRichard Donald Smith, who has taught Western music skills in Africa for many years, will illustrate and explain the current state of music development amongst Africans in Nigeria, a country with a dynamic music culture that has allowed its musicians to become dominant on today’s African music scene. 

Alternative Arts Education in Guinea: A Flutist's Path from Flute to Fula Flute: Sylvain Leroux will recount his journey in classical, jazz and African flute; the genesis of the chromatic tambin, which brought the traditional instrument into full chromatic functionality; the music literacy approach based on it; and l’école fula flute, an alternative arts-in-education school in Guinea.

Tips for Low Flutes: Low flutes expert Chris Potter will share tips about performing on alto and bass flute. These tips will include setting up a curved headjoint, optimum placement of the footjoint, options for supporting a bass flute, and alternate fingerings to improve intonation and tonal response.

Balancing Two-plus Careers: An interactive presentation by orthodontist and multi-instrumentalist Chip Shelton and colleagues, tailored to inspire dual career aspirants and trailblazers of all ages. The information is interspersed with the presenters performing message-based songs from the co-themed 2020 Shelton CD release Plan Be Dream Music. The session concludes with an inspiring audience play-along.

The Klezmer Flute!: Klezmer expert Adrianne Greenbaum of Mt. Holyoke College presents a program of music from Eastern Europe, a folk tradition that goes back centuries, performed on vintage and modern flutes, including soulful listening tunes, dance music and table tunes (think Tafelmuzik across traditions). (Yes, she just might play a baroque crossover piece!) A program that will delight and inform with each piece’s narration about the klezmer tradition and the music’s fascinating purposes from the old wedding to the concert stage. Adrianne will have you Zoom-dancing along, so enjoy with the entire family!

Gadgets for Flute: Come and explore some unusual practice gadgets for instant positive kinesthetic feedback in your practice sessions with Cobus du Toit, flute professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Thumb braces, pool noodles, and yoga sandbags are some of the devices that you can learn how to use to release unnecessary tension in your body while practicing.

New directions in ergonomic headjoints: Flutists interested in finding a more ergonomic headjoint for use with an existing flute have limited choices. After a brief review of currently available options, scientist/inventor Katherine Saenger will describe some ergonomic headjoints she has been making in her home lab and discuss factors affecting their playability, intonation/harmonicity, and mechanical stability

Only the Words Themselves: This lecture-recital will focus on the second part of Kate Soper’s chamber music opera Ipsa Dixit, a virtuosic duo for flute and soprano entitled “Only the Words Themselves Mean What They Say.” Christian Paquette, principal flutist of the York (PA) Symphony, performs with soprano Noelle McMurtry.

Motivation, Music, and Mental Health: Richard Hawkins, a professional in the field of psychology and a non-professional oboist, will discuss pandemic-related topics such as how to keep practicing without a specific performance goal, how to be creatively alone, and how to manage time and anxiety. Q and A to follow.



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